Working Together

On Saturday 10th March, Cumbernauld Environmental Society hosted an event in the Antonine Shopping Centre to raise awareness of their work and the steps being taken by community groups to improve our environment throughout Cumbernauld.

Presenting on the day were Cumbernauld Environmental Society, Watch Us Grow, Friends of Cumbernauld House Park, Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park, YMCA/YWCA, Friends of Kelvin Valley Park, and Cumbernauld Gardening Club.

Several of our elected Labour party representatives also turned up to show their support, with apologies received from our SNP representatives who were in attendance at their party conference.

This event allowed us to really showcase the hard work being done throughout Cumbernauld in improving our town’s landscape and greenspaces and the level of interest shown exceeded all expectations.

It was great to see so many community groups working together, and we will be building on these relationships for the benefit of Cumbernauld as we work to make our town a better place to live, work, and visit.

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