Standing Room Only

At the monthly meeting of the Cumbernauld Environmental Society, held on Thursday the 31st of January at 10am in Cumbernauld College, it was standing room only and so many people turned up we had to move to a larger room. There was a good level of representation from Carrickstone residents, there to discuss the derelict Carrickstone play area, as featured in last week’s Cumbernauld News.

The residents are understandably frustrated and extremely upset that no one has provided answers as to exactly who owns what and have failed to give clarification on the legalities with documentary proof of any agreement.

As there is no Community Council for this area, the residents requested that Cumbernauld Environmental Society help them to move matters on and to this end we have agreed to meet with representatives of the area to discuss the matter further.

The CES strongly advised residents to reform their Community Council, starting off by contacting their local Councillors, but we have pledged our support and will help in any way we can.

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