Improving our Town Centre

Earlier today, Friday 7th June, Cumbernauld Environmental Society held their second Cumbernauld Town Centre Regeneration Conference. Chaired independently by, local Rotarian, Professor Frank Clark, the event was organised by Cumbernauld Environmental Society with the aim of prompting the regeneration and overall improvement of Cumbernauld Town Centre.

At the first conference, held in January, attendees heard of the challenges that exist within Cumbernauld, namely the split ownership of the Town Centre by three different companies, as well as the inheritance of a Town Centre was never actually completed.

Urban Realm CES Article Spring 2013
Our first Cumbernauld Town Centre Regeneration Conference was mentioned in the Spring 2013 edition of Urban Realm magazine.

At this second conference, we heard from key stakeholders about how things had progressed, with the North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) Cumbernauld Town Centre Action Plan, which will create a vision and direction for Cumbernauld Town Centre over the next twn years, now being finalised, and with Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd (CCCL) in the progress of setting their own direction for taking forward improvements in the area.

Guest speakers at the conference were Allan Graham, Chair, CCCL; Lorna Bowden, Business Manager of Strategic Planning, NLC; and Malcolm Fraser, Chair, Scottish Government National Review of Town Centres. Each of the three presentations were informative and engaging and helped to outline a potential direction for Cumbernauld Town Centre’s regeneration.

With NLC and CCCL hoping to have finalised each of their respective action plans over the next few months, and with the new owner of Cumbernauld Town Centre Phases 1 and 2 expected to be announced imminently, Cumbernauld Environmental Society will be holding the next Cumbernauld Town Centre Regeneration Conference in the Autumn. By working together we are confident the community can play a key role in the delivery of wide reaching improvements to our much maligned town centre.

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