Beautiful Cumbernauld 2014

Cumbernauld Environmental Society has launched this year’s Beautiful Cumbernauld campaign with a call for portfolio projects. The town has been entered into the 2014 Beautiful Scotland awards and there are high hopes that Cumbernauld can hold on to the Best Small City trophy which it picked up last year for the first time ever.

A requirement of entering the Beautiful Scotland awards is that each entrant submit a portfolio, showing off the best that the town has to offer in Horticultural Achievement, Environmental Responsibility, and Community Participation.

Adam Smith, Vice-Chair of Cumbernauld Environmental Society, said “While the Beautiful Scotland Portfolio doesn’t contribute towards the overall score, it does present valuable information to the judges about the many great projects going on throughout Cumbernauld. We’re also looking for projects for the judges to visit when they come to the town later this year and we would encourage any group who is particularly proud of their work to come forward and help Cumbernauld achieve this fantastic award”.

Groups can submit their projects to be included in the Beautiful Cumbernauld portfolio, or to be part of the judging tour later this year, by e-mailing information and any pictures to or by bringing details of the project along to a Cumbernauld Environmental Society meeting. The next meeting takes place at New College Lanarkshire’s Cumbernauld Campus (formerly Cumbernauld College) on Thursday 27th March at 7pm and all are welcome to attend.

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