Drilling Debate

An upcoming community meeting is expected to see an energetic debate around the hot topic of drilling for gas extraction, already approved to take place in the Cumbernauld area. Next Tuesday’s Cumbernauld Environmental Society meeting will discuss plans by the company ReachCSG to drill within the Scottish Water site at Deerdykes. Planning permission has already been granted by North Lanarkshire Council and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has licensed the activity, which many fear will lead to fracking in the area.

Last month’s meeting of the environmental group included discussion around the potential side-effects of this drilling, expected to take place later this year. Adam Smith, Vice-Chair of Cumbernauld Environmental Society, said “There are few people in Cumbernauld who seem to know about the plans of ReachCSG to drill in the area, but those who are aware of it are concerned about the potential impact on the local environment. With the drilling taking place at the Scottish Water site there are natural concerns about potential pollution of our water supply, as well as fears over earth tremors or ‘mini-earthquakes’ which have occurred near drilling sites in England”.

Representatives from Reach CSG, the company which will be carrying out the drilling, will be attending the next Cumbernauld Environmental Society meeting, taking place at New College Lanarkshire’s Cumbernauld Campus (formerly Cumbernauld College) on Tuesday 27th May at 7pm and all local residents are welcome to attend.

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