Cumbernauld Community Campaigns

With planning permission previously approved, and the necessary licence granted, local people are continuing to campaign against proposals to drill an exploratory borehole within the Cumbernauld area for the extraction of coal seam gas. Reach CSG has recently sold 80% of their licence to Ineos, who are progressing plans to find a suitable site for the borehole location, now that Scottish Water have refused previously granted permission for the use of their site at Deerdykes.

There are a number of meetings taking place in Cumbernauld to better inform local people of the consequences of drilling for unconventional gas extraction. The first of these meetings takes place this evening, Thursday 20th November, at 7:30pm in the LINK Community Facility, and is organised by the local branch of Women For Independence; with Janet Moxley, an Environmental Scientist, as guest speaker.

Next Friday, 28th November, Halt Unconventional Gas Extraction (HUGE) Cumbernauld will be holding a public meeting in the Westfield Community Centre at 7pm. The speakers at this meeting will be Mary Church from Friends of the Earth, and Professor Andrew Watterson, Public Health Expert at Stirling University.

On Thursday 3rd December, at 7:15pm in New College Lanarkshire’s Cumbernauld Campus (formerly Cumbernauld College), Cumbernauld Environmental Society has organised a public meeting with attendance from a representative of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). The SEPA officer will be discussing the role of the organisation in protecting our environment through unconventional gas extraction and potential fracking.

SEPA CES Meeting - 4th December 2014 - Poster

Cumbernauld Environmental Society will continue to facilitate the prevention of damage to our local environment, while remaining a politically neutral organisation.

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