CES Supports Anti-Fracking Motions

Today, Thursday 18th December, two motions will be presented to a full meeting of North Lanarkshire Council regarding Unconventional Gas Extraction (UGE). The first, submitted by Councillors McGlinchey and O’Brien, calls for a moratorium on the development of UGE technology within North Lanarkshire; the other, submitted by Councillors P. Hogg and Baird, requests the designation of land as inappropriate for UGE where the Coal Authority has identified the site as falling within a High Risk Develoment Area, and also requests a moratorium on UGE and Fracking until the extraction techniques are deemed safe by independent scientific experts.

Cumbernauld Environmental Society has written to every North Lanarkshire Councillor, as part of a campaign co-ordinated by the local community, asking them to support both motions when they are presented to the council. The full text of our correspondence can be found here [PDF].

Cumbernauld Environmental Society has held a number of public meetings regarding Unconventional Gas Extraction, prompted by the granting of a licence by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), and of corresponding planning permission by North Lanarkshire Council, for exploratory borehole drilling within the Cumbernauld area. The drilling works were originally meant to take place by the company Reach CSG at the Scottish Water site in Deerdykes but we are delighted that Scottish Water has now refused permission to drill at this site. The majority of the granted licence (80%) has now also been sold by Reach CSG to Ineos.

We have organised and facilitated public meetings with attendance from representatives of Reach CSG, Friends of the Earth, Scottish Water, and SEPA. Our most recent meeting with SEPA, held on Thursday 4th December, included a presentation, which can be downloaded from here in full [PDF].

Our next public meeting will be held on Thursday 29th January at 7:15pm in Cumbernauld College. Our guest speaker will be Professor Andrew Watterson, from the University of Stirling, who will talk about the impact on public health of Unconventional Gas Extraction and Fracking.

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