Positively Promoting Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld Environmental Society was recently contacted by the Cumbernauld News and asked for a response to comments from local Councillor Alan O’Brien where he alleges that Cumbernauld Environmental Society is doing the work of North Lanarkshire Council spin doctors by defending the town against the annual Plook on the Plinth award.

We refute this claim and have provided the following response: “Cumbernauld Environmental Society always has, and will continue to, represent the best interests of Cumbernauld and to positively promote the town. The Urban Realm awards only serve to damage further the reputation of the areas which receive them. After all, why would any business or organisation choose to bring their company to a town that has been labelled among the worst in Scotland. Cumbernauld last received the Plook on the Plinth award in 2005 and people continue to talk about it to this day, even though the town has been awarded Civic Pride and Beautiful Scotland awards since then. While Councillor O’Brien is working to attract negative press and to talk Cumbernauld down, Cumbernauld Environmental Society will continue to work on improving our town and to attract investment”.

Cumbernauld Environmental Society is delighted that Cumbernauld has not been awarded the Plook on the Plinth in 2015, following a single petty nomination, and we will continue to defend the town against unfair criticism for as long as our organisation exists.

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