Community Memorial Planting

An award winning community project received a welcome boost at the weekend when a special planting event was held at Cumbernauld Community Memorial Peace Garden in Greenfaulds. During one of the garden’s regular maintenance days, while the Steering Group now work towards the delivery of Phase 2 of the project, members of the local community were invited along to plant memorial trees in commemoration of loved ones who are no longer with us. Among those who attended the special event was renowned local artist Gerard Burns, who planted a memorial tree in remembrance of his sister Elaine, who passed away at a young age. Also in attendance were Marie Thompson, who planted trees on behalf of John Goulding and Marshal Stewart; and John Jack, who planted a tree in memory of William Jack.

Gerard Burns with his memorial tree
Gerard Burns with his memorial tree

Spokesman for Cumbernauld Environmental Society, Adam Smith, said: “These donated trees will enhance the overall character of Cumbernauld Community Memorial Peace Garden, and we would invite other members of the community who would like to do the same to contact us, either by e-mailing or by calling 07790 736118. Cumbernauld Environmental Society would like to thank all those who took part in the planting event. The committee would also like to pass on our thanks to our Chair, Bobby Johnstone, for all his hard work and invaluable support in developing this project”.

150321 CCMPG Planting Group

Further development of the peace garden project will be discussed at the next Cumbernauld Environmental Society meeting which takes place tomorrow, Thursday 26th March, at 7:15pm in New College Lanarkshire’s Cumbernauld Campus (formerly Cumbernauld College), and all local residents are welcome to attend.

150321 CCMPG Planting Cadets

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