Cumbernauld Community Memorial Peace Garden

By far Cumbernauld Environmental Society’s largest and most ambitious project to date, has been establishing Cumbernauld Community Memorial Peace Garden. 

Volunteers tend the garden every Saturday morning to continue its development. New volunteers are always welcome!  Just come along for 9.30am or contact us if you have any questions.

Formerly a vacant and overgrown area of land next to Greenfaulds Bowling Club at Ivanhoe Road, this project has seen the site turned into a thriving community garden.  Being developed between the Peace Garden commemorates all those from the Cumbernauld area who lost their lives in service of their country from 1914 to the present day.  The project has seen a large number of community organisations; including Cumbernauld Rotary Club, local Scouts, military Cadets, and Cumbernauld Environmental Society; work together to construct and maintain the new community greenspace.



A memorial stone was unveiled on Sunday 19 August 2017, marking the 100 anniversary since the Battle Of Passchendaele.


In October 2017, we had 15 children aged from 3 to 5 from the local nursery up at the peace garden planting 1200 daffodil Bulbs as well as some in the garden of their nursery.  We also had 10 children from Glencryan Special Needs School to help to plant another 1000 plus Daffodil Bulbs.

We intend to plant a total of 6000 Daffodil bulbs this year ahead of the coming spring in order to commemorate one hundred years from the end of the First World War.



Delivering improvements to Cumbernauld’s environment

Cumbernauld Environmental Society has worked on a number of other activities in Cumbernauld.

Examples include:

  • Assisting with landscaping work at the Muirfield Centre
  • Working with North Lanarkshire Council in instigating improvements to the Broadwood Loch area and St Maurice’s Pond
  • Running a successful School Engagement Programme (led by our former Vice-Chair Kenny McGregor) which included work on the eco-garden at Cumbernauld High School and at a number of Primary Schools throughout the town.


Prospect Road, Dullatur

The first project of Cumbernauld Environmental Society was to design and implement a number of landscape improvements in and around Prospect Road, Dullatur.  The Society worked in partnership with Dullatur Community Council, North Lanarkshire Council, and Cumbernauld Rotary Club, along with the support of Scottish and Southern Electric who agreed to provide a number of volunteers.  The project involved tidying up and treating existing landscape areas, carrying out new plantings of trees and plants which complemented existing species, and removing any invasive plant types. Work on the project commenced on Tuesday 31st May 2011 and was made possible by kind donations from Dullatur Lawn Tennis Club and a number of Dullatur residents.



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