Our town in the spotlight

Over the last few months Cumbernauld has found itself at the heart of some good news stories, gaining national, and international, attention for all the right reasons.

Arguably Cumbernauld’s 2nd most famous export (after Irn-Bru), The Late Late Show presenter, Craig Ferguson, returned to his hometown to celebrate his 50th birthday with a trip down memory lane. After being highly critical of Cumbernauld just weeks before, the aired episodes showed Cumbernauld in a positive light and presented our town to a worldwide audience.

Then Cumbernauld won the Civic Pride award at the Scottish Design Awards, despite being awarded the Carbuncle award on two previous occasions. Gordon Young, editor of The Drum, one of the awards sponsors, said “If you look at the surrounding countryside, the high demand for housing, rich and diverse suburbs, transport links to Glasgow and Edinburgh and a vibrant community spirit you can see why it has become a decent place to bring up a family”.

And to top it all off, on Wednesday 13th June, the Olympic Torch relay travelled through Cumbernauld, it’s only visit to North Lanarkshire. Thousands of local people and schoolchildren turned out to welcome the Olympic Torch and it was great to see Cumbernauld as the centre of attention within North Lanarkshire.

While Cumbernauld has been featuring in headlines for all the right reasons, we have been continuing to work on bringing a number of landscape and environmental improvements to the area, as well as preparing for the visit of the Beautiful Scotland judges who will be assessing Cumbernauld in the ‘Small City’ category on Friday 10th August.

The website has been updated recently with all approved minutes and the “committee” page has been updated to reflect recent changes to our structure. If you would like to know more about Cumbernauld Environmental Society and the work that we are doing, please e-mail us at webmaster@cumbernauldenvironment.org.uk.

And if you are on Facebook please like our page at http://www.facebook.com/CumbernauldEnvironmentalSociety to keep up to date with all the latest from Cumbernauld Environmental Society.

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